Growing up in South Dakota, watching a pro or even major college sporting team in person was more than a challenge. You didn’t just decide to hop in the car after dinner to go to the game. Whether it was to Kansas City (drive a two lane highway 425 miles each way) or to Minneapolis (265 miles each way) seeing a game was an event. We made the trip at least three times each summer.

Many years later my daughter and I drove from Minneapolis to Kansas City (435 miles) to see the Twins and Royals play. The stadium employees told us that on the night before, when the crowd cheered they didn't know if it was for the Twins or Royals. We were told there were over 10,000 Twins fans at the game.

A few
 years ago, my beloved Gophers were playing UNLV in football. My wife, daughter and I flew down to make a weekend of it. When we were at the game we were astounded that there were over 10,000 Gopher fans at the game.

This year when watching the bowl games, take a look at the number of people in the stands.

While sports fans have access to phones, tablets, cable, satellite, picture in picture, secondary channels and pretty much everything they could want to watch a game from their living room couch – it doesn’t take the place of screaming your guts out in the stands, high fiving complete strangers, and wearing your team’s colors with pride.

People will always FOLLOW THEIR TEAM!

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